Investment Management and Investment Banking are specialist or niche sub-segments of the financial services sector. Due to the complexity of the products and services dealt with and the frequent use of industry jargon and technical terms, outsiders find it difficult to comprehend what a typical job within these fields entail – anyone employed in these fields who have had the experience of trying to explain what their job entail to a friend or family member would agree.

In our normal day-to-day lives some situations, products or services are best dealt with by a specialist within that particular field – all of us have experienced this and all of us have also experienced the difference between dealing with a specialist and a generalist regarding a specialist topic. This very same principle applies to recruitment – some fields require the services of a specialist recruiter, someone who has studied and worked within a particular field and who essentially speaks the language. Investment Management and Investment Banking are perfect examples of such fields.

EFR is a specialist recruitment firm that exclusively recruits within the fields of Investment Management and Investment Banking. It is one of the most focused and specialised recruitment firms in SA. We definitely speak the language!

EFR follows a sharpshooter approach and the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. Assessing a candidate’s fit is based on a genuine understanding of the candidate’s profile, job requirements, employer and industry. It is not based on matching keywords on a job description with a CV.

Considerable thought goes into the decision to introduce a candidate to an employer and the employers EFR deals with know and appreciate this. Tremendous effort also goes into the content, look and feel of CV’s presented, as well as the motivation which accompanies each application. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved, as it saves time for the employer and candidates can rest assured that their profile is presented accurately and in a professional manner.

EFR is owned and managed by a CFA Charterholder and as such the business of EFR is conducted in compliance with the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Applications are dealt with in the strictest of confidence and a candidate’s name and/or profile would not be disclosed to, or discussed with any outside party without the candidate’s explicit prior consent.